The Gear Forager Score showing the different levels of rating

The Gear Forager Score

Traversing the current outdoor product and gear review landscape can send you down a rabbit hole. Start at “best two person tent” and you could end up watching British kitten videos (true story). With the popularity of outdoor gear exploding, it’s time for a definitive gear review aggregation resource. Enter The Gear Forager Score.

Gear Forager collects, curates, and analyzes reviews and then gives you the most trusted outdoor Gear Forager Score. No bias, no companies buying prime placement, no holding back.

We sift through all the expert gear reviews from across the internet, compile those, read every one thoroughly, have endless debates about any review ambiguity, and finally the Gear Forager Score. We always cite our source material and give any credit where credit is due.

The Gear Forager Score follows a simple three tier system as seen below.

The Highest Gear Forager Score which is a lit match

The highest score ranges from 75% – 100% positive gear reviews. A review may be wholeheartedly positive, but with some minor criticism that is built into the final score. You might say this product is lit!

The middle Gear Forager Score which is a match that is not lit

The middle score ranges from 55% – 74% positive gear reviews. In this range there’s a general sentiment of liking this product but with more room to improve. There also might be other products out there that just do it better. Not lit.

The lowest Gear Forager Score which is a burned up match.

The bottom gear score ranges from 0% – 55%. And yes, this does occur at times. Most top manufacturers do their due diligence when it comes to product design, reliability, durability, and usefulness. But, sometimes a product just doesn’t work out or it’s behind the current benchmark. Toast. Burned and done.

If you enjoy reading gear reviews, but also don’t want to waste your time scouring the internet to try to figure out the bottom line, you’ve come to the right place. The Gear Forager Score will help you decide on the right gear for you. Now you can spend more time doing what you love and less time in an online vortex- no matter how cute the kittens are with British accents. Are you ready to explore more?